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    The Postal Market includes all activities required for the delivery of information within a document via print or digital form and the delivery of parcels and other items to consumers and businesses.

    The Postal Market includes the entire document supply chain from conception to delivery. For parcels it includes all components of the effort to ensure timely delivery.

    The Future of Mail is the Future of the Document

    In order to understand the future of mail, one needs to first understand the future of the document. The word “document” immediately congers up an image of a written, printed format. That image is too narrow in today’s multi-modal communications world that includes information that can be provided printed on paper but also in numerous forms on a computer display or in text-messages, or other format on a wireless smart phone.

    The Postal Market Delivers More than 20% of all Retail Sales

    Much of the popular and business press looks at the growth of e-commerce and forgets that roots of e-commerce are catalogs, direct mail, and direct marketing TV. These vibrant businesses grew as consumers switched from making orders over the phone or by mail to web-based and mobile based orders. The Center for the Study of the Postal Market tracks deliverable retail sales in its CEP E-Commerce Index Monthly. Click below to get the latest report

    Managing in the World of Change

    The switch from printed to digital documents and the growth of business-to-consumer delivery is transforming the U.S. economy. The Postal Service has losses that forced it into default. Stakeholders need current information to help them navigate the transformation of the market and help them run their business, negotiate contracts with their employers, and seek adjustments in Federal law that affects market participants. The Center provides that information in an open forum that allow stakeholders to make decisions with facts not guesses.